How to save hundreds at the opticians

Did you know you can organise a free eye test,  and save a fortune on bulk bought contact lenses online

Eye tests, and contact lenses are unavoidable expenses – but savvy shopping can cut the bill. And, as prices fall, more bargains are appearing. During half-term – February 15 to March 2 – for instance, high street optician Vision Express is offering free eye tests to adults who take their child for a test (who also goes free, but on the NHS) at any of its British branches. Here is a round-up of other savings.

Free and discounted eye tests

Standard eye tests can cost up to £30, unless you are entitled to a free test on the NHS (if you are over 60, for instance). For everyone else, there are only a few places to go to get a free examination. Tesco offers free eye tests in all of its British stores with an in-house optician, while Boots is offering tests half price

Ask your optician for your perscription

A contact lens prescription will provide details of the brand, lens parameters and the power. It will be signed and dated by your practitioner. A contact lens prescription is different from a sight test prescription. Contact lenses come into direct contact with the eye and, for this reason, there are additional measurements needed for fitting a contact lens and these need to be included in the prescription.

Now you have your prescription you can go online and get great deals on contact lenses,especially when you buy in bulk!


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