Extended wear contact lenses: a simple choice

Continuous wear contact lenses: a simple choice


Contact lenses are a popular choice for those who need vision correction. Not only do they ensure that you see clearly, but they don’t have an affect on your appearance or your lifestyle the way that eye glasses do. 

But for many people, lenses that require constant care – cleaning, soaking and disinfecting – can take up too much time. After all, we have plenty to think about every day without having to deal with lens maintenance too! 

That’s why continuous wear contacts are a favourite option for anyone who needs help with their vision. Also known as extended wear lenses, these contacts make cleaning solutions a thing of the past and provide a hassle-free way to improve your vision.

The benefits of extended wear contact lenses

Of course, one of the main benefits of continuous wear contact lenses is their convenience. Simply put them in at the beginning of the month, and change them up to 30 days later.

In the meantime, you needn’t worry about cleaning, disinfecting or removing your lenses for any reason and you can rest assured that your eyes will see clearly and be healthy.

Continuous wear contacts are also extremely comfortable. They are generally made of a soft material called silicone hydrogel, which conforms to the shape of your eye and maintains a high level of moisture, so you never have to worry about dry red eyes.

Silicone hydrogel is also a gas permeable substance. This means that oxygen can travel through the lenses to your eye, which is important for ocular health. 

And since you don’t have to worry about the various cleaning solutions or residue build-up that are common with re-useable contacts, continuous wear lenses are often a better choice for those who suffer from allergies or sensitive eyes.

What kinds of continuous wear lenses are available?

With the ongoing improvements and developments of extended wear contacts, these lenses are now available in a huge range of types, enabling just about anyone to enjoy this simple and maintenance-free vision treatment. 

Today, continuous wear lenses can be used to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness . And specialised lenses are also available for conditions that are a bit more difficult to treat, such as astigmatism andpresbyopia. Typical examples are Purevision or Airoptix Night & Day.

Getting extended wear lenses

If you’re interested in switching to continuous wear contact lenses, you should first discuss your situation with your eye care professional. They will assess your situation and help you to decide if they are the right option for your lifestyle and vision requirements. Continuous wear lenses, becasue they are in your eyes 24 hours a day, need careful fitting by an Optician to make sure the lenses are suitable for your eyes. 

You should also remember to get your eyes checked on a routine basis to ensure your needs don’t change. Depending on your age and other circumstances, you may even be eligible for a free eye exam on the NHS. 

Once you’re ready to purchase extended wear contact lenses, Contactlenses.co.uk is sure to have what you’re looking for. We’ve been providing corrective lenses for many years and we work hard to provide excellent customer support and products from the most respected manufacturers. 

You can also keep up to date with the latest contact lenses news – from recent research into proper eye care, to developments in vision treatments.

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