How to Apply Eye Makeup With Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a nice alternative to glasses or eye surgery: there’s nothing permanent about them, and they don’t impair sports or everyday activities. In the case of applying eye makeup, however, contact lenses may get in the way or delay the process. Here is how to speed up this routine without damaging your eyes or your appearance.


1. Put in your contacts first. This is the key, because you don’t want to damage or dot your contact lenses by putting them in once your face is caked with makeup. Wash your hands and dry them completely, and insert your contacts like you normally would.


2.Gently close one eye and hold your eyelashes down with your finger. Don’t let your eyelashes get in the way of your contacts or your makeup; lay a finger over them and get to work applying the eyeshadow with your other hand.


3. Apply Eye Makeup With Contact Lenses Step 3.jpg2Swipe on the eyeshadow. Do it softly so you don’t tear or wrinkle your contact lens underneath. Continue to hold your eyelashes firmly in place.


4.Repeat with the other eye.Remember to blink every so often as to not dry out your contacts.


5.Open both eyes widely. Blink repeatedly before you do this.


6.Apply the mascara slowly. Go from the middle of your eyelashes and move the wand up from there. If you apply any farther down than there, you may risk dotting your contacts.

7.Blink to wet your contacts, and repeat with the other eye.


8.Prop your arm/elbow up on a flat, steady surface. Eyeliner is the trickiest to apply even without contacts. There’s a sharp pencil very near your eyeball, which evidently spells trouble if you’re not careful.


9.Keep your eyes calm. For eyeliner, you don’t have to shut them or open widely, but you may choose to do either one. It’s generally best, however, to simply keep your eyes open and try not to blink.


10.Make sure your hand is steady and even. Apply the eyeliner slowly and carefully.


11.Look up. Gaze at the mirror, or find a high object to focus on. If you look downward, you may end up poking yourself and severely damaging your contact lenses- and your eyes.


12. Finish


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