Another Win For Science And Eyesight

Another Win For Science And Eyesight


People who have suffered damage to their eyesight due to exposure to bright lights may be able to have their vision restored using infrared light.

Research carried out in Australia on rats found that eye damage was reduced with exposure to infrared light.

But clinical trials will be needed to find out whether the treatment would also work on humans, ScienceAlert reported.

Dr Krisztina Valter of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Vision Science (ACEVS) and the Australian National University said that such damage could be caused to anyone who lives in areas with bright light or whose work exposes them to it.

The theory, explained by Dr Valter, is that infrared prompts more activity from enzymes in cells which enable the production of more energy.

As a result, oxygen stress caused by overexposure to bright light can be countered.

The ACEVS co-ordinates research going on in several Australian universities.

These are the universities of Sydney, Queensland and Western Australia, as well as the Australian National University.

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