Geckos may provide insight for contact lenses


Geckos may provide insight for contact lenses




A study of the eyes of geckos may provide insight to help develop more sophisticated contact lenses in the future.

Researchers led by Dr Lina Roth of the Department of Cell and Organism Biology at Swedish institution Lund University have found that nocturnal geckos have a series of distinct concentric zones in their eyes, a feature lacking in daytime geckos.

They are able to see colour in the dark with their vision system, which consists of large cones in their retinas which are hundreds of times more sensitive than humans”.

Nocturnal geckos can focus light in varying wavelengths on their retinas.

The study has been reported in the Association of Research in Vision and Opthalmology”s online Journal of Vision.

Dr Roth stated: “With the knowledge from the gecko eyes we might be able to develop more effective cameras and maybe even useful multifocal contact lenses.”

Established in 1666, Lund University is based in southern Sweden.

It has about 38,000 students and offers 137 undergraduate and graduate degree programmes.

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  1. Kate says:

    It is a great research post I have read recently regarding contact lenses, I hope scientists can develop a new kind of contact lenses in the future for correcting vision perfectly.

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